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Granite has a rich and exciting history – luxurious, eloquent and sleek, granite has been a consistent consumer choice for centuries. Evidence suggests that granite was first used by the ancient Egyptians in the Pyramids as a decorative touch and also even as a building material. There is a reason why it has been used in homes for thousands of years – granite improves home value whether you add it to your kitchen, bathroom, or back yard.

The Romans also enjoyed granite, praising the stone for its aesthetics, durability and strength. In classic Roman style granite was used for projects like the Pantheon, and even to decorate bathhouses. 

This means that Granite will always be an excellent choice for your home. Smart homeowners and consumers know that adding granite to their home in any way, be it a kitchen island top or a bathroom sink, will immediately add value to their property while additionally dousing aesthetically pleasing visuals to their home. Granite shows a special degree of sophisticated and cultured homeowner. 

This is clearly displayed in numerical data as well from places like Highland’s Ranch, Colorado, where these homes all sold for more with granite than their control group examples without granite.

Here is a home with granite:

Here is a home with out granite:

This clearly illustrates that adding granite to your home immediately boosts the value, and is a safe play long term investment for homeowners. Granite countertops will cost a homeowner about $40-$60 per square foot. A steal when compared with its cousin Marble, which will run up a homeowners investment cost to anywhere between $75 – $250 per square foot. Granite is durable and resistant to heat and several other kitchen elements, however, be careful not to spill too many liquids on your granite tops because stains can happen. 

Granite not only improves home value, but it is a good investment for your home as well.

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