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Granite vs quartz, that is the question. When deciding to remodel your home, whether it be a kitchen, bathroom, backyard deck or any of the numerous projects one could take on in their home, there are a lot of important questions that homeowners need to consider. What are the best materials for a remodel, where can I get the best value, what contractor is going to appraise the space accordingly, and several other options that could come up during a remodel. One of the leading questions is the decision between granite, quarts or marble; three of the most common materials used in home remodels. We’ve discussed granite at length but what about the other two? Quarts and Marble. Could they be the right option for your home? Let’s find out.

It’s safe to say that Marble is the expensive bet. Marble truly becomes a status symbol. Clocking in at anywhere from $75 – $250 / square foot, for one to inject marble into their home, really just means they need more options of where to park their money. Nothing wrong with that but, marble is what we can say is, not for the average homeowner. The average homeowner, that wants a sleek look without breaking the bank, we’re left with granite and quarts. What are the similarities? Where do they differ?

Granite is the sturdy and durable option, quarts, being a much softer material, has different benefits. Granite is susceptible to stains and spills where as quarts is much more resilient to stains and spills. However, granite being durable can withstand the heat where as quartz can be damaged if exposed to extreme heat like the bottom of cooking pots and pans. Quartz’s price point weighs in at anywhere between $50 – $150 / square foot. Whereas Granite is only about $40 – $60 / square foot. Thus, the question comes down to one’s specific use case. Does one need a more durable surface? Is one prone to spills? Does one plan to use a surface that needs to withstand heat? All these questions are to be considered for the homeowner before making the decision for which material to renovate one’s home with.

When comparing granite vs quartz, it truly comes down to which is best suited for your project. Regardless of your choice, both are sure to give your bathroom, kitchen, or custom creations a new exciting look.

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