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how to get more out of your kitchen with granite

In this short but powerful blog we’ll delve into how to get more out of your kitchen with granite. First and foremost granite is a power house material. Extremely hard, this granular, crystalline, igneous rock consists mainly of quartz, mica and feldspar. Feldspar is a group of  minerals distinguished by the presence of alumina and silica in their chemistry. Mica are a group of minerals who’s outstanding characteristic is that of individual mica crystals which can easily be split into extremely thin and elastic plates. Together the quartz— which is another hard and durable mineral primarily composed of silica, mica, and feldspar combine to make what we know as granite which is an incredibly solid and beautiful material for the home. Granite, with its elasticity from the mica, can withstand extreme heat exposure while also remaining incredibly sturdy.  

Granite is best for the kitchen because it can handle hot spots, and other elements that may be threatening to softer materials like sandstone. One can really see the feldspar in a granite like Desert Dream where the individual slivers of the mica form in different varieties of burnt orange, silver and black. Desert Dream Granite is an exotic and elegant granite sure to wow and home guests. Granite is perfect for Kitchen islands and countertops and immediately adds value to the home. Need a solid surface for cutting boards, a durable heat resistant surface for hot pots, or a beautiful presence of earth’s natural beauty? Granite is the way to spicing up your home and kitchens— instantly.

And that just scratches the surfaces as to why you should pick granite for your kitchen, here is another 5 reasons.

One of the best features of granite is that it comes in various colors, head over to our previous blog post to see which colors are the most popular in 2021.

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