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display of granite countertop colors installed

The way to the best aesthetic for one’s home granite tops is through the best colors of granite. There are several beautiful in style colors for this 2021 season, Andromeda being number one. Andromeda which, according to recent studies is a gradient of colors similar to a galaxy like “green valley” which serves as the space between the “blue cloud” and the “red sequence” of galaxies that lack star formation. However Andromeda Granite is a white quarried granite from Shri Lanka with hints of silver and sea foam green veining between garnet crystals which spray throughout the surface of the piece.

exmaple of andromeda granite conter top color

Pulling in at number two is Alaskan White, followed by Nordic Black. Nordic black is a shattered, faded black granite whose combed weaves create a multifaceted engraved like texture of black hues and shades. One can take a consistent approach with the different granite tops in their home from kitchen to bathroom being one color; or the more adventurous might decide certain styles for certain rooms. Andromeda might work best for bedroom bathrooms, while a Nordic black serves best for the kitchen island. Exploration for the bedroom, consistency in the kitchen.

exmaple of alaskan white granite countertops

Desert Dream, although not as popular as the first two, is quite the exotic granite top. Deep essences of gold, burnt orange, amber, silver and black, combine again in a comb like speckle which dances within each other to create truly a work of art. Granite proves not only durable but beautiful. Desert Dream is the perfect granite for the experimental homeowner, and the artistic. Like solidified molten lava this granite will leave guests, and family wowed by it’s beautiful pallet and leave one feeling proud in their incredible choice.

example of desert dream granite countertop

Another extremely popular granite color is the Blue Pearl Granite. Quarried in Norway the Blue Pearl embodies an icy deep blue shatter that would juxtapose and pair well with Desert Dream. The paper-mache like patterns display a beautiful fluttery design which is at once both powerful and subtle. Given a choice of any of these four popular granite colors and styles, the modern homeowner is sure to be fresh and tasteful. Granite that both pops and is yet elegant in simplistic beauty.

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