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Granifera has a 1 year workmanship warranty. This warranty covers seam separation for one year from date of installation. The warranty will not cover fissures and pits in granite, marble or quartzites. Because it is natural stone, these stones have fissures which look like cracks; these pose no actual structural problems. 

When selecting your slab, please look for these carefully in your slab if you wish to avoid it.

Granifera will not touch the surface of the granite. It is sold as is, and no work such as polishing, or touching up will be done to the surface.

Being that granite is not a flexible material, home owners are advised to be prepared for paint touch ups. We do everything possible to minimize any damage, however on occasions it does occur.

We do not level your cabinets. You will need the help of your carpenter or your contractor for that.

Most granite installations will require at least one or more joints called seams. During layout and design, we will try to minimize the number of seams required. Additionally, our care in manufacturing ensures that edges fit together very tightly to help lessen the appearance of visible seams. You will however be able to see and feel all granite seams.