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There is a secret to beautiful design. We as consumers are immediately more drawn to places, spaces, and experiences which are aesthetic and pleasing to the senses. This is just one of the many reasons Granite is a good investment for your home. If you are a homeowner thinking about a remodel, if you are a real estate agent looking for more opportunity, or if you are a  contractor and someone who flips houses, than you have to keep your eye on granite. Here’s why – according to (granitegold.com) installing granite in one’s home can increase the value by up to 25% of its initial retail value. That is because of its aesthetics. One major determining factor in our ability to evaluate beauty and proportion is whether something withstands the test of  time, granite of which, absolutely does. It’s speckled texture and elaborate blends of shades have made it an eye grabber throughout the decades. As Granite Gold put it, “no two slabs are exactly alike”.  

Furthermore, the kitchen really says it all about a home. Whether a homeowner or flipper, the kitchen is where we break bread and for this reason the kitchen is what makes or breaks the  clients eye. Granite is the best choice when remodeling a kitchen because it is manufactured in such a way that it goes back to our initial point of the secret to great design. Durability and low cost maintenance. Granite is solid. It will last as long as it has the ability to do so in the home, and granite can be kept with little to no cost at the owners expense. We have gotten away from great and beautiful design and manufacturing in an attempt to sell more, but we may see a new  consumer trend re-emerge this decade with folks wanting to return to building things that not only last but do so beautifully. Nothing says Colorado Rockies like a granite kitchen top in a high ceiling wooded house with the view  

Additionally because of it’s incredible durability it also naturally leads to its environmentally friendly manufacturing. These factors are what has made granite so popular and continues to keep granite at the top of home-buyers and home sellers mind. All of these things combined and you can see why granite is a good investment which will improve the value of your home while adding that extra aesthetic touch to bring a smile to your face each and every day.

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